Sitting on a Pincushion

This morning I read a guest post on a blog I follow that set me back on my heels.  To read the entire post  I have written a great deal about being in the moment, paying attention, being mindful; but always framed in appreciating the moment, finding the joy in that instant.

Bryanne took this another direction and although this is about food and weight loss, it is applicable to anything.  She says Can you give yourself the space to be where you are and feel what you feel, where-ever and whatever that might be? If we create that space for all to be exactly where it is, as it is, we have already removed ourselves from the attachment to the situation.”  She suggests sitting with the bad feeling, the uncomfortable thought, the roots of unhappiness.  Using the same techniques to heighten our awareness and allowing ourselves to notice and come to terms with the feelings that prick at us as we use to find core happiness puts us in touch with the inner voices that are holding us back.  Sitting with, and accepting where we are in this moment, allowing it to be difficult if it is; takes courage and determination.  Once we do this, we take the power away from the negative, we see that even as we sit with this painful feeling we are still here and still safe.

 Mindfulness applied to both sides of the spectrum of emotion adds yet another layer creating balance and giving one another tool to achieve wholeness and yes, happiness.

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