About Me

I have been a writer at heart since I was a very young child, but never a story-teller.  I love ideas, the magic in word craft and painting pictures with words whether it is beautiful prose or poetry.  I love playing with ideas of all kinds and read with an eye for an idea I can examine or turn upside down.

At the same time, moving to the mountains in western Montana in 2010 and then living alone for most of the year each year, I had to challenge myself in unexpected ways and  had numerous experiences for which being a suburban mom and diehard camper prepared me not a whit!

As a result, my blog is a series of essays exploring the ideas in the forefront of my thinking at any given time, as well as a journal of my transformation from soccer mom to mountain woman.

In 2017 this self made mountain woman moved to suburban Connecticut. It has been a disorienting transition to say the least. I have been a westerner all my life and expect I will always remain one in my heart and mind if not in my physical presence. I realised that returning to my passion might help me navigate another unfamiliar sea.

I hope you find one or the other (or dare I hope both), interesting and worth your time.  All comments are greatly appreciated!

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