Mother’s Day 2012

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who are a Mother or have one (that covers all of us I think!).

My experience with motherhood has been an ongoing lesson in love and life.  As my children became adults, their insights and opinions have taken me places I never would have gone, intellectually and physically.  There is certainly something unique in seeing the world through another’s eyes when they are so familiar yet separate.

I have learned the lessons of letting go while staying close, supporting without judging, listening when it is time to listen and offering an opinion or advice when asked and not before.  I am blessed with a daughter who is firm and kind in setting her boundaries and made my transition from being strictly a parent to an adult friend of an adult child far easier than it might have been.

My son has one of the most intellectual minds I have known and has challenged me to broaden my reading, my thinking and my concept of what it means to parent a bright child.  With both of them I have grown in different ways and I find Mother’s Day a time to be especially thankful of the opportunity to experience motherhood.  Looking back at the snapshots of memories I can’t help but wonder at the two adults they have become.

And to my Mother, thank you for doing your best with a daughter who was not what you might have expected and is still at times a mystery to you.  And to all the many wonderful mothers in my life; sisters, friends, cousins; again best wishes today and every day.

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