From My Father’s Window

I was only there in spring
That is what I choose to remember
He loved the house for one room
High in the branches

Bird feeders bob and sway out of
Reach of greedy squirrels
Flashes of crimson, electric blues
Zesty yellow, a feathered rainbow
Unidentifiable to a California girl  

We reel in the feeders
Like laundry hung to dry
Refilled each with seeds
Good wishes and hope

Ebony sunflower seeds
Piled high on the porch rail
An apology to the squirrels
Acrobatic thank you in return

I’ve seen photos though
Snowy mantles on bird houses
Miniature drifts stark against
The ebony seeds
The secret nests revealed

Spring, a cacophony of color and bloom
Secrets disguised in green
Shadows teasing light
I choose the memories and the secrets

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