I have affirmations that I have rewritten from a prayer that was sent to me years ago.  Even though it is my intent to get it put up in a place where I will see it every morning, up until now it has always become buried in the Papers I Need to do Something With.  So today I will share them here and then find the great website to make your own posters and have it put on something I can hang from the wall of my home office. Daily, I will affirm:

  • I will have peace within
  • I trust that I am exactly where I am meant to be
  • I embrace the infinite possibilities my life contains
  • I will use my gifts of time and talent to help others
  • The love that has been given to me, I will pass on
  • I choose to be content
  • Peace will settle into my bones
  • My soul will have the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love

Today I will especially focus on using my gifts while I am volunteering at the library and I will embrace the infinite possibilities by signing up for a couple of classes that begin this spring.  It is a quiet day and I am choosing to embrace the quiet and feel content.

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