Order from Chaos

As part of a larger personal project I found myself tackling the garage yesterday.  No small task as the weather conditions needed to be such that I could pull out all three vehicles; the truck, SUV and ATV/snowplow and leave them out all day while I regained some order.  Once I had a fire in the wood stove to warm it up a bit, the cold garage being another deterrent to this project, I began the process of primarily just putting things away as most of them have a permanent location. All of the storage and shelves were inaccessible when the garage is crammed with vehicles and I had started stacking items near the door.  Once order was restored and the garage swept, things I discovered:

  • I have projects in progress that had been forgotten
  • With a little reorganization I can put most things away when the vehicles are in the garage
  • There are packing materials that belong in a distant storage shed, that for the moment is impossible to get to due to the snow
  • That the garage does get nice and warm with the stove going
  • A warm garage motivates me to work on the projects in progress
  • I love the satisfaction of putting things in order

Another sunny day – this one will be in part for errands that take me out of the house and I will see other humans – yea!

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