What Inspires You?

Inspiration, a tricky thing.  That little spark that can jump into flame with timing, effort and enthusiasm and just as easily slip away.  Looking for topics to comment upon on a daily basis has caused me to wonder what happens that allows a quote or a side note in another blog to cause my mind to kick into gear and the words to begin flowing.  I certainly do not wake up every morning with some brilliant piece already formed in my head just waiting to be typed!  For the most part when I hit the publish button, I am satisfied; thoroughly pleased on occasion and really excited once or twice.

So how do I inspire myself to keep writing day after day?  As I surf for quotes or pull out the bookmarks from passages previously read, I let my subconscious do the wander-ing and make some of the connections behind the scenes.  Even though my personal ah-ha moments are few, I find the “likes” and” follows” and especially the comments written by my readers motivating.  To read that a particular phrase resonated with another person creating a connection with them is thrilling.

I have read so many “About Me’ stories across the blogosphere and they are truly inspiring. I look to each writer for ideas, topics and famous quotes they have discovered and have moved them in some way.  Each person has something unique that touches them, a photograph, a bit of humor; something that tugs at their sleeve for attention.  Some are passionate about a cause that is close to them or an all-consuming life event that begs to be shared.  Others see the mundane and add a perspective that makes it sparkle.  The inspiration behind each story, behind each life, is as distinctive as it is original.

So what inspires you?  What causes you to becomes animated and excited, eager to share and create?  Looking inward and drawing out the best of your inspired self allows you to greet the day with enthusiasm and joy.  And when you can’t find it inside, just look around.  It seems when one begins to look for something it pops up everywhere.  Keep your eyes and heart open, be inspired!

First, First Friday

First Friday in Stevensville Montana, celebrates local art and artists.  Most of the businesses stay open until at least 9:00 PM (hey, it is rural Montana after all!) and showcase artists and their work – often with associated activities or special treats.  The library often features performances, and last night was no exception.

Enjoyed an amateur duo, Opus 2, a couple of women in their 60’s (?) who played classical guitar at the library last night during the monthly event.   The turn out was great and the ladies tackled some very challenging ethnic classical music primarily from Spain and Latin America.  In the most touching moment, the duo played an original piece written for them, “Winter Dreams” and the composer, unbeknownst to them, was in the audience.

After the performance as people were chatting, I heard a couple talking about a group  playing Bluegrass Gospel called By Still Waters that were still at Morningstar Coffee down the street.  I walked down to have a listen and a mocha.  They are a trio of great musicians; bass, mandolin and guitar with a lead singer and lots of enthusiasm.  The owner of the shop pointed out the salad bar and suggested I make it a regular stop when I come into town on errands (or to work at the library).  Nice!

I also found out about another upcoming event at the library, a Powerpoint presentation on Ireland by a recent visitor (sounds so much better than some guy and his travel slides!).  In the spirit of celebrating all things Irish this month, there is a St. Patrick’s Day dinner dance at the Grange Hall with live Irish folk music and folk dancing, instruction provided, to the sounds of Celtic Knot and traditional Irish fare for dinner.  Another opportunity to get out and have fun!