It was suggested by other readers who have blogs themselves that I add tags; words that will cause someone using a search word looking for blog topics to find mine.  It is a something I have meant to do, but it is spring and much to do otherwise so I have continued to write my daily philosophical pieces and left the other for a rainy day.  However, as I approach my 100th post, it occurred to me that I will never catch up if I don’t devote some time to it now.

Telling myself that I can stop; make a change for the better and then pick up again will be new for me as I tend to drop the thread of something if I diverge even slightly from the routine.  So this will also be a test to see if I can take a couple of days to make this site better and still come back to it and write daily as I made the commitment to do.

If I find a post that I particularly liked I may re-blog it; or if I find that there was something more I think needs saying I will add a follow-up piece.  Taking out the time to re-read the entire body of work to date will help I hope, to clarify my vision and help me gain further insight into the purpose behind the posts and maybe add a few more readers along the way.

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