Life Gets in the Way

I have made an effort to keep this blog general, thoughtful and relevant to most readers but today my resolve is failing me.  Suddenly I have so much to do in so little time I cannot tear my thoughts away from a to-do list that begs writing; the call of the tasks both large and small.  Even one who tries to live the life of the mind and careful reflection has to deal with the mundane and the daily.

For today I am setting aside my higher purpose and righting my ship a bit.  First are the lists: one for inside, one for outside, one for things I must buy to finish the tasks.  The outside tasks are prioritized by weather and tasks that can be done without leaving for material or supplies first.  The house, yikes!  Function first, I can save cleaning for the weekend, reordering the disordered has to top the list for now.

Gaining some control over my environment and what at the moment feels like an overwhelming amount of work will allow me to return to exploring the topics that intrigue me and about which I am most passionate.  Until then, I have lists to write and work to do!

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