“To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science.”
Albert Einstein

It could be added that it marks real advancement in all areas of life.  The point of this blog has always been to do just those three things, raise questions and possibilities and especially to regard old problems from a new angle.

It is a lifelong habit, looking at everything from the most mundane daily tasks to the big questions of life and trying to get a different take on it.  Perhaps that is where my love of organization comes in, when putting items in order it causes me to examine each and understand its purpose, then decide the most logical place to keep it.  In spending time thinking about the use for a particular tool or utensil, I am often inspired to think about it in a completely different way.

Taking the large questions of happiness, love, selflessness, hope, trust, honesty and turning each slightly to gain a different perspective has been far more challenging.   The process of then attempting to articulate these sometimes oddly angled thoughts is demanding.  Not only does it require creative imagination as Einstein said, I believe it also fosters further growth of creative imagination.  To take a multi-faceted object like happiness in one’s hand and turn it about, over and over observing the light refracting while attempting to peer into its core is as inspiring as it is complex.

I began today’s search for a spark within the topic of change when I stumbled upon the above quote.  Even though it does not contain the word as most others do, it does not even address the topic directly; yet it is the essence of change.  Questioning, examining, applying creative thought, causes the internal adjustments that jump-start our growth.  The more open the approach, the more likely the opportunity for brilliant inspiration will present itself.  To push on to greater thoughts, bigger ideas, life altering contemplations we create real advancement in ourselves.

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