Cherish Your Cheerleaders

Whether it is coincidence or that our realities are spun so closely together that overlapping is inevitable, it is not unusual that the inspirations for my daily writing come from more than one direction on the same topic.  Today is a stunning example.  I came home and began opening my snail mail while I turned on the computer to check my email.  On Facebook was the above post, in the mail was a card from my sweet daughter, thanking me for being her cheerleader and telling me with much love that she is mine.

Propping each other up is the greatest gift we can give to each other.  We all need to hear from time to time that we are special in the eyes of another, that we are appreciated for who we are and what we do.  Dwelling on the negative, the let downs, the heartaches, can consume and steal time from the uplifting and motivating.  While dwelling on the puzzle of someone who has let you down may seem to demand a solution, generally there is none, and it only serves to reinforce the sadness and self-doubt.  Being let down can literally mean pinned to the ground unable to take even the smallest steps to grow and develop when crushed by the failure of support.

Focusing on the positive by becoming a cheerleader for those closest to you not only helps to hold them up but gives your heart a dose of joy from their response.  Support not only helps through a difficult time or gives one a good feeling and a smile; it can encourage one to expand horizons, to soar to greater heights.  The champions in our lives who offer  themselves as pillars to build upon are among our most valuable assets.  Acknowledging the gift our cheerleaders are to our inner wealth and cherishing all that they mean to us is a reminder to each one of the absolute worth of kind words and generous thoughts.  To grow inwardly one must embrace and reciprocate the outward expressions of love and hope.

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