“Dreams are like stars…you may never touch them, but if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny.” Lawrence Block

Dreamers and their dreams are often discounted as frivolous, especially if those dreams remain unrealized.  Looking at one’s dreams as the guiding star instead of a goal  relentlessly pursued, allows us to dream with no limit to the imagination.  Stars do not offer much in the way of illumination and are not something we would ever expect to reach out and grasp; but the North Star can guide us home.  We can allow our dreams to do the same.

Making plans, setting goals, outlining and completing the steps  to reach them make up so much of the process we see as moving life forward.  We cast our eyes to the path at our feet and focus on each carefully placed step.  Glancing now and again upwards to our dreams, to the stars, is a reminder there is something bigger, with grandeur and unlimited scope.  Lifting the cloud of limitations, glimpsing the distant starlight of our most expansive secret hopes and dreams, frees us from the weight of a carefully plotted path and gives our soul a moment to soar.

Dreams that are present in our lives, even as we pursue our goals, open doors to unexpected opportunities.  Life has a way of throwing the unexpected in our path, even if it is only something we had never thought of, or a thing so wholly new that it went unconsidered simply for the lack of knowing.  If we are allowing our dreams to act as our guiding star the unexpected glows in the starlight and gives us pause.

Daring to dream, giving imagination wings, removing self-imposed limits; heady stuff for the goal-oriented planner.  Dreaming gives way to growing beyond our own small selves.  Finding one’s destiny is the fortunate result of dreaming.  If the heart is set free where will it go?

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