“The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.” Gustave Flaubert

To write is to revisit a memory, an epiphany, and come to an understanding with the organized thought required to write.  It is an opportunity to explore and view from many angles the topic at hand.  From the novelist who expands a concept into a finely crafted tale, to the keeper of a private journal; each person who dares to put their inner self in another form other than thought, begins a journey to discover more.  Visible words  carry a strength that the spoken or silent thinking of them does not.  The process of transferring from thought to visual is less art than science, yet the sparks that fly from the mind of a gifted writer become the art of their craft.

It is the process though, that  benefits each of us and helps us strengthen our beliefs and our resolve.  It is often suggested that to reinforce a resolution it is beneficial to write it down.  Making a written list is preferable when attempting to judge the pros and cons of a decision.  The very act of making the thought concrete and somewhat permanent causes the writer to search for the heart of the idea.  It is a commitment to put ourselves in writing and difficult to press on in a direction we do not believe and trust.  The discoveries come in that moment when the decision is made to bring the thought to the written word; when the truth is so profound that is needs witness.

When reading there are words or phrases, ideas or acts that strike us.  An active reader writes these down; to do so is to give even greater weight than the reading alone has to offer.   It may be an idea to explore later; it may be a great truth in one’s life that   words were never formed around before.  The very act of choosing to write, is the extra step taken to discover what one finds important and valuable.  A patient recording of a thought leads one on to further consideration, and ultimately a firmly held belief emerges.

To write is to travel to the core of our thoughts and beliefs.  The journey is often interrupted with side trips and retracing of steps.  If we choose to know ourselves better  writing is a brave step indeed.  Self-examination is weighty and trying; the joy is in discovering that kernel of belief found in the art of writing.


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