Counting Time

We should count time by heart-throbs.
He most lives,
Who thinks most, feels noblest, acts the best.

Philip James Bailey

How are you using your time?  Not the check off the next item on my to-do list time, but your time here on earth.  It seems there is a difference.  If one has the luxury of old age and looking back over the accomplishments of a lifetime, will the items on today’s list rise to the level of a life goal met?  How many have the items: think, feel, act on that list?  It is not difficult to imagine the great philosophers in the pose of the Thinker, pondering grand ideas.  To sit quietly and think in our visible, task driven lives is perceived as “wasting” time, not getting anything done, being lazy.

A full inner life requires contemplation, reflection, study and understanding.  Time spent in worry, time spent on the daily minutiae, provides no inner growth.  Pondering greater ideas and issues can lead one to perspective on daily life, where straining to think of solutions to daily items rarely leads one to great thoughts.  Higher thoughts give a sense of nobility, a purpose.  Expanding oneself creates its own value and in that value, personal worth.

Taking the time to reflect, to grow the inner self, gives birth to acts that endure.  Careful thought lends itself to our best actions, our finest choices.  The rash, rushed, unexamined acts are the ones often regretted.  Can an act be over thought? Certainly.  It is when we take our thinking to the next level, to contemplate our world and ourselves in the longest view, that we begin to soar.

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