I took the above photo  this morning, the lingering effect of an all day snowfall yesterday.

The season comes slowly in my world with fits and starts.  The locals call this season sprinter since it is never quite spring and falls back into winter with abandon.  I still need to keep the wood stove going to warm the house, yet some days the sun is so warm that working in a tank top outdoors is comfortable.  It is a frustrating time of year as well.  After thinking all winter about the things one wants to accomplish in the spring, it seems to never arrive with the desired timing.

Like so much of life the timing is rarely to our liking.  We have to be at work too early, the movie starts too close to dinner or too late to get home at a reasonable time.  We are contrarian in that way, we want things to happen in just the right way in just the right time, but in fact there isn’t a perfect time at all.  Trying to adjust one’s body rhythm to a different schedule, aligning oneself with the timing of another can be a daily struggle.  I want spring weather when the equinox is upon us, not weeks later.  But it is not mine to choose.

Cultivating patience instead of a garden is called for now.  It is certainly one of my faults and is common enough in this hurry-up world.  Allowing myself to sense the pace of the day or the season and adjust to it and not fight it is my personal battle.  Being in the moment is all well and good unless one is waiting for spring.  So for today, I will stop waiting, admire the beautiful mix of the lush green new grasses coated with dollops of whipped cream snow and know that this too is spring.

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