There’s an App for That!

There are applications for a smart device that can help you do just about anything.  But when was the last time you asked a friend or relative for help?  Children must ask for help often and for what seems, to an adult, simple things.  As we grow older we view it as a sign of independence, a hallmark of our competence to go it alone.  The millions of apps out in the cyber world point to the fact that it is not always possible or desirable to go it alone.  Once we realize that a task cannot be managed without help, a problem not solved without sound advice, who or what do we turn to?

Asking for help can forge a stronger relationship and sense of community.  Asking a neighbor to help you figure out how to deal with the tree in their yard that keeps dropping debris on your lawn brings a different response than demanding the problem be addressed.  Opening oneself to a certain vulnerability in asking for help, is to lower ones defenses and let another person a little closer.  Asking a co-worker to give you a hand with a two person task, gives them permission to do the same with you the next time they need assistance.  Creating an opening through asking for real and necessary help is a means to connect with others in your life.  As we allow the connections to grow, so grows trust, and in time one’s overall sense of belonging and happiness.

Reaching out, instead of reaching in your pocket for your device, grows the human connection that we thrive on as social beings.  There is an app to tell you when the next bus is due, but asking the person also waiting  could begin an entire conversation with someone who has something of value to add to your life.  Allowing yourself to be open, connecting and at times vulnerable creates the opportunity for surprising and often delightful results.  Reach out, ask, and discover.

1 thought on “There’s an App for That!

  1. This is going to have me thinking for weeks on who to ask for help instead of my phone. I am so guilty in not asking anyone for help that this is going to be a challenge. Thanks for opening my eyes!

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