The Song of Life

Sound too, can play a role in our mood and outlook.  Imagine sitting in your favorite spot with the most soothing sound you can imagine; perhaps water sounds, ocean waves or babbling brook.  Now imagine sitting in that same spot and the sounds of traffic and sirens are all that you hear.  At the onset of a grating sound there is commonly a physical response of tension and possibly a low-level anxiety.  That tension can grow if the sound invasion goes unabated and suddenly you realize you cannot hear yourself think.

Surrounding ourselves with pleasant sounds is not always practical, but we do have some ways in which we can alter the sound environment.  In addition to adding a sound source with strains pleasing to the ear, we can focus on the sound we add to the song of life.  Listen to your voice; is it well modulated and pleasing to the listener?  Do you have a smile in your voice and kindness in your tone?  You can share your own brand of happiness through the timbre of your spoken words.  Moving quietly can also express calm and a sense of peace.  Do you make a point of walking down a hallway with open doors lightly, or do you make your presence known with a firm step.  Remind yourself that the sounds you create in your movement may impact those around you and possibly add tension when it is not necessary to do so.

Paying attention to the sound, to silence, and our physical and emotional response to them is part of the mindfulness that allows us to find more happiness in our days and to share our happiness in subtle ways.

Thank you to Christina for the phrase, “The Song of Life” – how great that we can inspire and be inspired.

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