“Your thoughts become words, your words become actions, your actions become you.” Vlad

How often have we thought something yet said something different, only to have our actions betray our thoughts?  Making a conscious effort to think clearly and positively, to translate those thoughts into words of choice and inspiration and acting upon our words in a positive and responsible manner is a primary method in creating our own happiness.  Not just unhappy thoughts are undermining; thoughts that disparage, thoughts made without heart and understanding, can cause us to act in unhappy ways.

And interestingly enough, to take this to the next step, our actions then reinforce our thoughts and our emotions.  Being fully aware of the process back and forth between our brains where thoughts and words form to flow into our bodies creating actions, and our muscle memory that sends those actions back to the brain to reinforce the thoughts and words, allows us to create and reinforce the positive.

Quietly observing, then chosing to create a positive thought about what we have observed and acting upon that in the same way that we have chosen to think about it not only adds to our happiness, but creates a harmony throughout our system.  To become a happier, calmer and more peaceful individual we need to remind ourselves to begin with our thoughts and follow through with our actions.

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