I’m Not Lost

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”    ―      George Bernard Shaw

It is incredibly freeing to find out that the search stops now.  Once I stopped looking for myself and proactively started building my life the way I want it to look, the doors and windows of my life flew open. In the past I often described by life as a cork bobbing along in a stream traveling whichever way the whim of the current took me.  Once I decided to climb in a boat and grab the oars, my life looks and feels far different.

Most individuals need some sense of control in their lives; feeling as though one is being pushed or tugged a hundred different directions without any real choice about which way to turn, builds a sense of helplessness.  One of the reasons that a book like “The Happiness Project” and the associated web site by Gretchen Rubin are so popular, are the tools that are offered to chart direction in one’s life.  Actively thinking about what steps need to be taken to create the life one desires, opens up a new direction to carry one to the limits of their imagination.

For me the life I am creating includes charting my course, setting good boundaries, and checking in with myself daily to see how often I am making choices against how often I feel pushed in a direction I would not actively choose.  Being mindful that I do have choices I am far more likely to find that my day is filled with things that are of my creation and with that comes happiness in even the smallest of tasks.

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