Refilling the pitcher

When one embarks on a new venture it is often with high hopes, energy and enthusiasm.  As times passes the inevitable details of life impinge on the excitement felt at the outset.  It is during this critical time that one can throw up their hands in despair and give up, plod along without the joy and exhilaration of the beginning, or we can choose to find add-ons to refill the pitcher for renewed energy and devotion to the project.

It is easy to forget that the initial high comes from the creative spark and the novelty of the chosen task.  Once that has worn off we are left to the mundane.  Adding a twist to the task can add back in the novelty.  There are a myriad of ways to reignite the creative spark. Pursuing an unrelated creative project can often stir up further ideas for the project that has grown stale.  Looking at how others have completed related projects can inspire new energy to your own.

And let’s not forget exercise.  It releases the chemicals that allow us to return to that state of elation, yet gives us the quiet mental time to allow one’s subconscious to work on the creative task at hand.  Even a long walk, while seemingly putting the project out of mind for a time, can lead to further inspiration.  Being fully present in our surroundings can often lay the groundwork for a creative ah-ha moment.

Sitting with the pleasure of the ongoing creative process can give one the opportunity to discover what might be missing to fulfill  the vision and bring new energy forth.  Continually refilling and refueling the creative drive can bring a continuing stream of joy.

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