A new addition

Today I set up and started wearing a Fitbit, a great little, and I do mean little, wireless tracker that keeps track of steps, stairs, distance walked, sleep patterns and more.  It fits in nicely with my goal of being more present in the here and now, paying attention to what I am doing at the moment, not what I did yesterday or what I plan to do tomorrow.  One of the best parts is that I know this time of year I am more sedentary and this will increase my mindfulness of how much movement is actually happening as I go about my daily activities.

Paying attention to what is going on has always been a huge challenge as in the past I have been driven from the outside in – a reactor and not an initiator. But I find that being reactive is detrimental to the creative process.  Some wonderful things have come out as a result of an external stimulus but the best creative work remains hidden if one cannot take the initiative in the creative process.  Even choosing one’s external inspirations is a step forward.  The books I surround myself with, the activities I choose to help reveal the creative impulses, are within my control, come from within to impact and inspire the internal muse.

The more often I stay in the present moment, the more the floodgates of the words and stories have opened.  Sticking with the mind-body connection, paying attention to my movements, paying even greater attention to the postures and breathing that allow me to fully relax and release, are directly connected to the internal wordsmith.  As I look about me I see how the changes I have created in my physical world are mirroring my internal world rather than the reverse.  Each little piece of the puzzle is another slice of happiness I can add to the growing collection of joy I am continuing to find in the present.

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