Zooming around the living room on all fours in his overalls
Pushing his bright red rig, battery operated lights spinning
Mouthing uncannily authentic siren sounds between
Calling out radio chatter, directions and instructions

Another afternoon, flying out the door to stand in awe
As the real thing rushes down the street
His pulse is racing as fast as the ladder rig
Imagination speeding along even more quickly

Hanging around the station talking to the guys
Offering to do the least task just to be near
Unabashed hero worship shines from his eyes
Emulating the talk, the swagger, the romance of it all

Years pass, classes taken, knowledge stored
Nights startled from near sleep by another’s need
Rushing down darkened streets to the unknown
Running checklists side by side with fears in his mind

He returns to the station hoping for just a couple of hours
The need for sleep the only thought he can muster
A boy waits in the drive, stars in his eyes, awe in his words
He has enough energy to give some shape to another dream

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